In August 2010:

Email exchange between editors Howie Good and Dale Wisely



Dale to Howie: I'm thinking about a new literary website. More later when I bake the idea a bit more. Maybe very short poetry.


Howie to Dale: I like prose poetry as a medium for a series.


Dale: I like your prose poetry idea.  A lot.


Howie: you could do word count with prose poems as well. the shorter the better.


Dale: So, help me shape this idea up.  I'm thinking a quarterly e-chap series, prose poems.  Not more than 100 words each, with a stated preference for the shorter the better. 10-20 per issue. 


Howie: you could also ask authors to include a statement of artistic or writing philosophy -- a paragraph or two that could serve as an intro to the chap. it would be another distinguishing mark of the series.


Dale: This is shaping up.  


Howie: maybe we should have reading (or submission) periods. that would help with the workload. maybe have two or three a year that last a month each.


are we going to keep with the hand motif? (right hand pointing, left hand waving). Do a variation on it? to wit, karate chop press, chokehold press, five fingers of death press. . . or we starting from scratch? i.e., two bored guys look for something new to do press.


Dale: Hmmm.


Howie: Big Tiny Press?  Manic Press?


Dale: I like Manic Press.  I like Big Tiny Press. Others: 


ambidextrous press

bench press

chokehold press--great idea!


(I wonder what "no line breaks" would be in Latin.)


No Line Break Press would not work but


Line Break Press sort of would.


Linebreak Press.


Line Brake Press


Howie: Academic Tedium Press


Nuclear Proliferation Press


Dale: Elvis Pressley


ok I'm tired.


Howie:  Sucker Punch Press


Dale: British Petroleum Press.....awesome, but we can't afford a lawyer.


Howie: LOL (can we just think up names for an activity?)


Dale: Yes!  Empty Planning Press.  We only publish prose poems  about potential literary projects.


Howie:  i had a couple more names:


Horse Opera Press


Fly-By-Night Press


Knuckle Sandwich Press


Trigger Happy Press



Dale:  Crap:  already exists


How about


White Knuckle Press ?


Howie: i like this the best so far


do it. . . now we need a slogan or epigraph


Dale: Yes


Howie:  White Knuckle Press:  Get a Grip


Note:  Dale & Howie had this discussion online one night.  24 hours later, White Knuckle had a concept, a name, submission guidelines, and a working website.  














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