do not inflate your life vest inside the cabin
-Oscillate Wildely Mix
When I called your favorite song subtle, it was intended as compliment, but based on the look shot out on the esplanade you did not receive it thus. Further, it appears your sunglasses have been crushed to tiny jagged shards. Perhaps I hugged you too tightly? Also, do I really have a canine cavity, or just brushing too hard? The famous shoe has once again become untied. Maybe the headline reads MAN SHAVES WHILE DRUNK and close up of crooked goatee captioned “Countless bloody neck nicks.” At the drop of a hi hat, or a yam, or the rolling off of a dot in the sheet music. Yes, I brought my tweaky feng shui with me into your home—infected the instant your eyes passed over my 7-point-fonted liner notes, whether or not you ever hit play.




Daniel Hales

blind drive

prose poetry for the people