-Universal Mind Decoder Mix
A mix to listen to when pondering the continuing expansion of the infinite. A multiverse populated by twelve-string raga star systems, pulsating bass quasars, deliquescent moog nebulae. Halfway through, Gary, on the talkback, kills the mood, suggests playing crosstune shuffle and jazz waltz, Mike, if you can get that feeling. Roger says once you find something pretty, you’ll really like it. Then snaps, straight from hippy-groove-guru to supreme studio prick just fucking play right! Then everyone’s taunting poor Mike, offering him a pacifier, and the talkback’s trying to mediate with Mike, start off from that rimshot thing, then switch over to the snare on the little release when Chris nods to you. Lucky for Mike, next up is a sunny day in Glasgow, Marie floating over the back yard, the ailanthus swaying in the rain. How quickly is it expanding? I’d say at about a rate of 99 bpms, undiluted by the shit ton of vibrato on everything. I’d say the universe sounds pretty, sounds pretty present perfect from here.
left lane ends

Daniel Hales

blind drive

prose poetry for the people