Six or so years ago, an editor commented, when accepting some earlier poems in my on-going geographies series, that "These pieces . . . have a disturbing and comic speed, and seem, as a group, to get at some essential weirdness of the 'global' info-capitalist culture we're all trying to survive and live in." It's a description that delighted me then, & which, I hope, still holds true now.

Mark Young


This collection of 12 one-sentence poems by Australia's Mark Young is the first physical publication from One Sentence Poems. This is a limited edition of 24 copies, handmade, each with a one-of-a-kind cover  (no 2 covers like) designed by One Sentence Poem co-editor Dale Wisely. $8.00 postpaid when shipped to USA addresses. Contact us for non-USA shipping.



16 pages

5"x5.25" (dimensions vary slightly among copies)

Poems copyright 2017 by Mark Young

Designs and 24 one-of-a kind  handmade covers by Dale Wisely

Editorial: Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco




Mark Young: A FEW GEOGRAPHIES (One Sentence Chapbook #1)

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