prose poetry chapbooks online

From 2010 through 2019, we published online chapbooks of prose poems. When we took over publishing duties for the quarterly prose poetry journal Unbroken, we decided to suspend new submissions to White Knuckle. However, we are proud of these chapbooks and want to keep them online as long as possible. Here's the list!

Dale Wisely and Howie Good

Matthew F. Amati The Water Tastes Like Centipedes and the World’s About to End

Anonymous Dream Songs

Josh Bernstein The Life Expectancy of Sand

R. Bergman Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

jen besemer 10 Word Problems

J. Bradley My Ribcage Is a Wolf That Plays Ribcages Like Instruments You Might Find Attactive: An Abridged Biography

Michael Brownstein The Possibilities of Sky and Hell: From My Suicide Book

James Brush What Stranger Miracles

J. Bradley: My Ribcage Is A Wolf That Plays Ribcages Like Instruments You Might Find Attractive:

An Abridged Biography

William Cordeiro Never never

Cherie Hunter Day Qualia

Lisa Desiro Grief Dreams

Robin Wyatt Dunn Drive Thru Poems

Robin Wyatt Dunn Telegrams from X County

Robin Wyatt Dunn Hanblečeya

John Dutterer False Cosmopolitan

Raymond Farr Eating the Word NOISE

Richard J. Fleming Give My Regards to Amway

Andy Fogle The Last Apprenticeship

Charles Freeland Five Perfect Solids

Charles Freeland Slow Codex

Tom Fugali The Mind-Body Problem

Andrei Guruianu & Mihaele Ganovici In Ordinary Light

Daniel Hales blind drive

Jonathan Harper Myths

Kyle Hemmings Terminal

Jason Heroux Let Us Now Praise the Empty Parking Lot

Cherie Hunter Day Qualia

Susan Lewis The Following Message

B. T. Joy Life of an Antiquarian

Joe Marchia Like Movies

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens Dixit

Michael McInnis Secret Histories

Amy Miller rough house

Jeffrey Park Inorganic

Vivian Faith Prescott Slick
Bill Rector Two Worlds

Brad Rose: Away with Words

Bernd Sauermann Diagrams and Nomenclature

Stephani Schaefer Coming in for a Landing

Robert Scotellaro After the Revolution

Claudia Serea The Russian Hat

Claudia Serea With the Strike of a Match

Gary Sloboda Lottery's Children

Alex Stolis Excerpts from an Interview

Alex Stolis The Hum of Geometry, the Music of Spheres

Ray Templeton The Skin Still Feels The Stone

Ray Templeton Watling Street

Allison Thorpe What She Sees: Poems for Georgia O'Keefe

Owen Vince pavilion

Dillon J. Welch Domestic: A How-To Guide for Couples

Joshua Young To the Chapel of Light (A Short Film-in-Verse)

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé Changeling in the Boustrophedon's Outfield